Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tips from the Kissing Booth

Kissing is way important, folks. You can tell a lot about somebody by the way they kiss. Having earned my reputation as a "make-out bandit" fair and square, I've had the pleasure of puckering up to some pretty great partners in the kissing booth. I haven't put up with the awkwardness of a face-eating, spit dripping, tongue chewing kissing session since high school. Life's too short for bad kissing, people. So I'll let you in on a few choice tips that are sure to please if you play your cards well.

1. Find the right moment...  
Everyone is nervous before kissing somebody new, that's natural. You're probably thinking about it beforehand, especially if you're having a great time together. Don't let it build up too much, the right moment will surface. Walking in the park at sunset? Standing outside looking at the full moon? Dropping your date off on the front porch? You look over and you'll just know when it's happening. Relax. Let it be sweet. Sounds cliche? That's because cliches are a guaranteed comfort zone for most people. Starting in the comfort zone is a guaranteed win for one and all. 

2. Be aware of your partner...
Good kissing is about sensing the person next to you. You're kissing them because you like something about them. Maybe it's personality, a smile, a sparkle in the eye. Maybe it's the fact that their ass looks fucking fantastic in those shiny red hotpants. It doesn't matter how you're drawn to this person, but something about them makes your bottom lip quiver. Every kiss is like alchemy - it's all about how your lips and energy mingle. Be aware of your partner's touch, the way they move, the breath. When you're sensitive to the other person, you'll figure out what feels good (and what doesn't for that matter) right quick. Find that out, and then do more of it. Success. 

3. Come up for air....
If you're one of the "face-eaters," this is where you go wrong. After finding the right moment, leaning in for the kiss, making contact, and feeling the connection with the other person, don't get so excited about cramming your tongue down somebody's throat that you lose the entire connection. Let the kiss take it's course, then back up for a moment and check back in. Is the object of your desire looking up at you in wide starry-eyed wonder? Then do it again! Is she wiping the slobber off her chin and backing away? It's OK. Sometimes the chemistry really isn't there. You tried. Now stop trying and leave that one alone. 

Practice makes perfect, right? Remember, intuition matters way more than experience. Feel it out. May the force be with you. MWAH!!!! xoxoxo

What makes kissing "good" or "bad"???? Discuss. Post a comment OR Email with your two cents. xo

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