Friday, August 17, 2012

My Beloved Bourbonista

Holy fuck, it's Friday, and Captain Sex Kitten salutes The Bourbinsta! The most glamorous high heeled bull in a china shop of all time, the mouth of the south, and one of my best friends on the face of the Earth . My Sister here has taught me everything I know about leaving my inhibitions at the door, unabashedly saying what I mean and meaning what I say. She is primarily responsible for inspiring my "choose your own adventure" style career path.  This blog exists due to her support (with shout outs to my other Sisters Provocateur), random notes taken during many back porch girl talks, bourbon on the rocks, and my willingness to take her dating advice and run with it. Some sort of social experiment gone happily awry, that's my love life. It's great. 

What will you find on The Bourbonista's blog? Poems about her vagina. Musings on the magic of cleavage. Non-violent ways to discourage strangers from living in your backyard. Stories about mishaps and misadventures in our Northside neighborhood. Dollywood mushroom diets. Tales from the turtles at her Lakeside retreat. A party girl gone feral.... Really, you never know what's coming next, and therein lies the Bourbonista charm. 

A glittering rhinestone in the rough, be sure to get your weekly recommended dose of divine wisdom from The Bourbonista Blog. Just don't fuck with her house while she's at the lake. The housesitter has done time for murder and would do so again under the right circumstances (the cats love him and he's really tidy). 

Get your bourbon on the rocks ready, here's the direct link to your darling Bourbonista. Refreshing!

Stay tuned to hear more from The Bourbonista - she will eventually drop a guest blog down for you here, when you least expect it. With glitter confetti and girly cocktails on the side. As always, feel free to email Tell me about your best friend's blog! xo 


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