Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Return of Captain Sex Kitten

Captain's Log

Captain Sex Kitten here. Logging on from Kentucky again. Yeah, so I will occasionally travel to the far reaches of the universe in pursuit of love, lust, and a life of passion and adventure. Truth. Sometimes there's just no reliable internet connection in outer space. Or at Burning Man for that matter.

Black Rock City never disappoints. The weirdness and wildness of the playa rearranges everything in your life at once. Mind, Body, and Spirit. Ask 100 citizens of Black Rock City what Burning Man is, get 100 different answers, each a piece of the entire truth. 

If you've never been to Burning Man, it's important to understand that the community embraces ten basic principles. The culture encourages freedom, and sexuality is only one of the many ways to express yourself. We're used to living in a culture where sexuality is maligned, feared, or distorted for political and commercial purposes. It's refreshing to get the fuck away from all that once a year. I can't name any citizen of Black Rock City who hasn't been transformed by their experience in some way, whether they chose to explore sexuality there or not. 

Earlier this week, after explaining Burners without Borders, an organization that actively works on grassroots community rebuilding and global health initiatives worldwide, the guy I was speaking to says: "Don't take this the wrong way, but it's not going to be easy to rally people to your causes when all they see of Burning Man is nudity and drug use." He works in advertising, and also says "Perception is truth!" all the time. Forest, meet the trees. My dumbfounded response: "Well, OK then."  I am not sure of his rich source of information on Burning Man, but I'm opting out of a battle in favor of an open discussion. 

I googled "sexuality at Burning Man" to get perspective from the peanut gallery, and found (Warning - it's AWFUL!!!) this.  Excruciatingly bad writing, empty sex, and marginal drug use. So yeah, it would be dumb to argue that there are no idiots at Burning Man or that nudity and drug use don't play a part in how outsiders view the entire event. However, some people genuinely embrace the freedom to pursue personal change and growth via sexual expression in a way that inspires and informs others. 

 Respect, safety, and regard to the personal boundaries of others is assumed and promoted as a culture. Running around naked and carefree in the desert is actually very exhilarating. In fact, our neighbors over at Glitter Camp offer head to to sparkling, for the fashionable nudist. I highly recommend it as an additional method of sun-reflection - "disco tits!"    

 Stay tuned, as Captain Sex Kitten digs up stories of safe, respectful sexual self-expression on the playa. From drug addled nudists to sacred sunset tantra. Behind the scenes with "adults only" theme camps. Making out with superstars. Finding value in the absurd. 

Yours truly, CSK. 

As always, feel free to write CaptainSexKitten@gmail.com, especially if you have sexy stories from the playa! xoxoxo