Monday, August 6, 2012

Breakin' Up (Mix Tape!)

This is your Captain speaking. We're about to hit some turbulance, but just hold fast. The crash landing is coming, but yes, this too shall pass. 

Break ups are awkward. There's no way around it. Usually, if you're the one having to start the conversation, it weighs heavily on your shoulders. You don't want to hurt the other person, but you've gotta say stuff you think they don't want to hear. Usually, if you're the one about to get dumped, you can feel the "It's not you, it's me" coming on, like the breeze when the clouds roll in before a storm. Whether it's an epic DTMFA ("dump the mother-fucker already!") break up, an amicable "yeah, we're better off as friends" conversation across the kitchen table, or you just got told that "this ain't gonna work out" - here's a playlist to fall into while you're falling out of love. Pick up the pieces, dust 'em off, and move right along little doggys. Captain Sex Kitten loves you. 

Captain's Greatest Break Up Tunes:

1. Hey Boy - by the Blow 
2. 24 Hours - by the Noisettes
3. It'll Feel Good When It Quits Hurtin' - Loretta Lynn
4. So Sad About Us - The Jam 
5. Walk It Off - The Breeders 
6. Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings 
7. Get Over It - OK GO
8. You Ain't No Big Thing Baby - Holly Golightly
9. No Need to Cry - Neko Case 
10. Just Ain't Gonna Work Out - Mayer Hawthorne  
11. The Angels Hung Around - Rilo Kiley
12. Tears for Affairs - Camera Obscura
13. In The Summer's When You Really Know - Jets to Brazil 

Here's a link to this playlist on Grooveshark. Rock out with your chin up. 

Breakin' UP by Captain Sex Kitten on Grooveshark

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